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Recently we acquired the ownership of two more websites. HitChocolate and IntelligentSurf Traffic Exchanges. When you join our team today, you will get not 1 but a total of 5 lifetime memberships for one insanely low price!

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  1. (valued at $117)
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  4.   (valued at $139)  Total Value = $508

Plus Include your membership here and you will have 5 lifetime memberships for the insane price of $7.00. The amount of money you will save is just as equally matched with the amount of money you will make plus more! Once you have joined you will see these 4 in your traffic exchange downline area. Join/Update your referral ID's. Then send a support ticket with your referral ID's of all 4 exchanges to . Please allow up to 24hrs for conversion of upgrades, due to these being manual upgrades and the number of new members.

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